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Education Network Indonesia (Pendidikan.Net) has been working for nine (9) years to try to establish an open forum for all parties interested in the Indonesian education sector. One of the tasks has been to try to include as many links to school websites as is humanly possible. However, one of the major obstacles has been the transient nature of many school websites.

Every day we receive anything between 10 and 50 new links, or notifications from visitors of links that are not active. We sometimes receive reports that some of the links have changed and now lead to unsuitable, even pornographic sites (3 cases). These links of course are deleted but because we have so many links to schools and education institutions it has become an overwhelming task to try update the links, as all new links need to be checked and varified which costs both time and money. So we are sad to say that with all the other activities we provide that need constant updating at Pendidikan Network, we now do not guarantee to update or add new links on the general Pendidikan Network websites.


  • We have also found that while many of the linked websites are still online, many of the e-mail addresses are inactive, guestbooks do not work, and they clearly haven't been updated for years.

  • Many of the FREE HOSTED school websites are loaded with popups and advertisements, and some of them automatically download nusience programs like GATOR, etc. and even malicious viruses.

  • Many of the student produced school websites have been converted to commercial sites with many click-through links which only provide benefits to the website manager and are sometimes very misleading.


  • We regularly submit our sites to the leading search engines (about 200).

  • You are part of the largest Indonesian education network of websites.

  • Our flagship website (pendidikan.net) rates in the top 3 on both Google and Yahoo - usually #1 (try a search for "pendidikan" [education in Malay/Indonesian]). In fact, try a search in any popular search engine.

  • Our websites (60+) are all crosslinked to bring those people who are looking for specific information to the right place in our network.

  • We monitor our Websites Network sites for accuracy and currency of content and try to establish a relationship of trust and confidence with our website visitors.

  • We are establishing a database of information relating to the institutions and their websites so that we can effectively assist any direct inquiries from the website visitors.

Pendidikan Websites Network - Education Websites